Više od hiljadu riječi: Biračko tijelo


  1. Sjajno !
    Predlog za prijedlog :
    Nemam novca , mada planiram da se zaposlim u Geneks-u , inače bi o Dedićevom tošku napravio majice sa ovom fotkom .
    A može i posteri ,ako ne , diljem Crne Gore , a ono glavnim gradom . Mugoša je nastupao u u ovoj kampanji kao birač sa fotke .

  2. …corpus delicti

  3. …corpus mortus.

  4. CAMPBELL: The fact that the evil power is not identified with any specific nation on this earth means you've got an abstract power, which represents a principle, not a specific historical situation. The story has to do with an operation of principles, not of this nation against that. The monster masks that are put on people in Star Wars represent the real monster force in the modern world. When the mask of Darth Vader is removed, you see an unformed man, one who has not developed as a human individual. What you see is a strange and pitiful sort of undifferentiated face.

    MOYERS: What's the significance of that?

    CAMPBELL: Darth Vader has not developed his own humanity. He's a robot. He's a bureaucrat, living not in terms of himself but in terms of an imposed system. This is the threat to our lives that we all face today. Is the system going to flatten you out and deny you your humanity, or are you going to be able to make use of the system to the attainment of human purposes? How do you relate to the system so that you are not compulsively serving it? It doesn't help to try to change it to accord with your system of thought. The momentum of history behind it is too great for anything really significant to evolve from that kind of action. The thing to do is learn to live in your period of history as a human being. That's something else, and it can be done. – Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

  5. …corpus mortus.:)

  6. davno bejaše taj 14. oktobar :P


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